Food from Friends

I am lucky to have a support group of friends so once word went around about our situation, so many reached out to share their thoughts and caring words of support – they offered suggestions for resources and encouragement and I appreciated all of it.

The biggest gift I received was the gift of food. One of my friends rallied several others and they presented us with 3 bags of prepared meals  – including spices mixed like Mrs. Dash, and Ancient Grain pastas – plus soup, chilli, lasagna, breakfast smoothie ingredients, prepared salads and more (details on food still to come). pexels-photo-90893.jpegEverything was labeled and in their own plastic tubs that they didn’t want back (also done to make it easy for us). My friends wanted to help out and make it as easy for us as possible. And it did help – a lot – and we were both very appreciative. It was also great to receive new food ideas, and recipes and learn about products that I wasn’t yet familiar with.

If family or friends ask if they can help – this is a great suggestion. Whether you are the one recovering or you are the caregiver, you will both be very glad for the help.

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