Ah bread – for those of us lucky enough NOT to have a gluten allergy, bread is a wonderful thing. However, following a Heart Smart/Diabetic diet means you need to switch to whole grains and reduce your salt and sugar intake. For us, most of the commercial breads were no longer an option.  Yes, there are plenty of higher-end “artisan” breads to buy,  but the loaves are often quite expensive since there are only two of us we’d either have to freeze a portion of the loaf (which is always an option) or waste too much of it.

For us, our best option is to make our own bread – this way we substitute the sugar and reduce the salt. Our choice was the Zojirushi Home Baker Mini Bread Maker*


This little machine makes a 1 pound loaf – half the size of regular bread machines and is perfect for the two of us. You can put all the ingredients in the machine before bed, set the timer and have a delicious warm loaf when you wake up. We have been very happy with this little machine and three times a week we make a loaf of whole wheat reduced sugar/salt bread.

The machine can also make a pizza crust – another option when choosing  whole wheat flour and when you need to reduce sugar and salt. And the whole wheat french bread is also delicious.

Be sure to use unsalted butter and choose a sugar substitute such as Splenda Granulated* for baking



*not a paid endorsement.
PC: not my photos, product images taken from internet

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