Changing What You Eat

Based on J’s condition of having a heart attack AND diabetes we revised his diet by:

-reducing sugar  -replacing with Splenda products

-reducing sodium -replacing with herbs, spices, sodium replacements (be cautious of high amounts of potassium used in some products)

-reducing fat – including switching from whole milk to 1%, reduced fat cheese (limited quantities due to salt content), switching to Olive Oil margarine

-reducing meat – we eliminated red meat and switched to more of a plant based diet, although we did have some skinless, lean poultry and fish; also added protein with more nuts and seeds

Possibly the biggest changes were (1) not eating in restaurants and (2) limiting processed/premade food. The majority of our grocery shopping was raw ingredients as I cooked almost everything. Including making whole wheat bread so I could control the amount of sugar and salt in the bread.

Although his dietician and cardiologist said that he didn’t need to stop eating his beloved steaks – he just had to have a 6 oz steak instead of a 32 oz steak, and not as often – J made the decision to not have red meat again. This was his choice and you will have to decide what changes are right for you. Please take the advice of your cardiologist, nutritionist, and/or dietician to make the right choices.

The take away is that you can make the changes, and not be hungry all the time. These changes were good for both of us – we each lost approximately 50 pounds within the first 9 months. belly-body-clothes-diet-53528.jpeg

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