Life 2.0 – beginning again

The second half of the first day, and the beginning of his new life :

After he arrived at the second hospital around 1:30 and was taken by the paramedics directly to the operating room, the family and I  had a brief moment with him in the hallway as he was wheeled past us. Once in the operating room, an angioplasty was performed to clear 100% blockage of his front artery and 4 stents were installed. A balloon was inserted through his femoral artery to help his weak heart to keep pumping. He was strapped down to the bed, intubated and was sedated until around 6:30pm.

Just before he arrived at the hospital, the cardiologist met with me and told me what procedures they were going to do. I was also advised to prepare for other possibilities since he had technically died and they weren’t sure if there had been damage to his organs or heart. I was warned that he could come out of the surgery with liver damage or even brain damage. Twenty minutes of CPR was a long time to have your oxygen flow interrupted.

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