Organizing & The Healthy Heart Toolbox

While J was in the hospital, we started a notebook to keep track of all the important information and instructions we were given by each nurse, doctor, care-person and specialist. Not just for his heart condition but also managing his diabetes and health in general. We used his  notebook to not only track his blood pressure and his heart rate (for our curiosity) , but also helped us remember the names of the people that came to see him. There were SO MANY different people! Plus medication names and dosages and what the medications did or why he was given a particular medication at a particular time. It was all very overwhelming.

When he was discharged from the hospital he was given handfuls of papers  – all sorts of  new information, even a DVD. Some of the paperwork explained the steps he needed to take – booklets and programs and some paperwork related to the medications he needed. There was a lot of “stuff” that he now needed to manage and being organized is extremely important – now more than ever in order to successful manage the recovery. When we got home we put everything into a plastic ‘sleeve’, to keep everything together and kept the file on his nightstand for easy access. A year later, we are still going through the file to refer to the information in it.

There are many different styles that you can find in the office supply stores or office supply sections of the major big box stores. Here’s a sample of the folder:



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The First Days Home – Sleep

pexels-photo-545012.jpegThe first days home are tough for the family/support for multiple reasons –  the patient is weak from the heart event and they are recovering from trauma and surgery and new medications –  as well as many other factors.

One of the biggest adjustments for J was sleep. In the hospital he barely slept. He couldn’t find a comfortable position, plus – as many of you know – hospitals aren’t very quiet places. Especially in a cardiac ward where alarms are going off constantly and patients/staff are coming and going.

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