Lunch Idea – Chicken Sandwiches

If you are committed to making changes so you don’t have another heart attack soon – it’s hard starting all over, learning which foods you can eat, what to buy, what to cook. Here’s a lunch idea, building on yesterday’s pre-cut veggies.

I buy the ‘family pack’ or ‘economy pack’ of boneless skinless chicken breast – there are usually about 8 in a package. I re-package them in groups of 2 in put them in the freezer for future meals, and faster thawing. Then I cook 2 or 3 – a couple for dinner the night before and the remaining for lunches and salads the next day (or two).

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Grocery Shopping/Meal Planning -Vegetables

Almost all of us should be including more vegetables into our diet, but the majority of us just don’t want to go through the bother of preparing them – especially in the middle of cooking. It’s so much easier to skip the salad and put it off for another day, and then another day and another until we have a drawer full of furry, rotten mush.

My trick is to prepare all the vegetables after I come home from shopping – before I put them into the vegetable drawer where they often serve our a live sentence and don’t become a part of our well-balanced diet.  Once they were prepared, they go into storage containers or plastic baggies (i.e. Ziploc) and they were labeled with a small piece of masking tape to ensure they are identified easily (for all members of the household) and  used quickly.

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